Chez Mazilique

The Traveler

Once there was a boy named Charlie, who had a nice life – but it wasn’t perfect. He had to spend too much of his time doing things he didn’t want to do. So one day he packed up all his time in a suitcase, locked it up and set off to find a better way to spend it. Charlie traveled the world looking for the perfect thing to make him happy. In the meantime, unbeknownst to him, his itsy-bitsy seconds and silky, smooth hours and raggedy days ticked away, so that when Charlie stopped traveling and realized what he truly wanted out of life, it was almost too late. Almost.

– by Daren Simkin


Insta Moments

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#johndory #vongole #mussels #shrimp
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  • 1/ Lumi ❤️ Georgel 
2/ Lumi is cuddling with Georgel
3/ Georgel e un bou. He got what he deserved. 
Bwahahahahahahahahaha 😈
  • De Paștele care a trecut am luat o pauză de la gătit, dar nu și de la mâncat. De exemplu cozonacul ăsta fabulos de la #Maize - în curând un nou restaurant #farmtotable în București, pe strada #Paris61A
  • Lumi, channeling her inner Dory before falling asleep on my shoulder: 'I shall call her Squishy and she shall be mine and she shall be my Squishy'
  • Cel mai alintat câine din lume (împreună cu singura persoană care putea să-l învețe să fie în halul ăsta)
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  • Azi am făcut schimb de studiouri cu @adihadean. Fun times at @attic_lab_bucharest 🍾🔪