Chez Mazilique

Taiwan: Dormez-vous?

An Australian, an Englishman, an Israeli, an Indian, an Irishman, an Argentinian, an Austrian and yours truly walk into a bar (…).
Ati auzit vreodata ‘Frère Jacques’ cantat in opt limbi (dintre care una era mandarina si alta – galeza)? Simultan? Nu? Ce bine!

Insta Moments

  • Windowsill harvest at @mazilique_studio
  • tender is the night
  • (wannabe ) (ballerina) bun + golden retriever + cuddly hugs = hot dog?! 🌭💛
  • #peach and #pistachio #tart - recipe on the blog and link in profile
  • #figs #clafoutis, soon on the blog
  • 🎶🎶 take my ❤️ and please don't break it // geez, I'm having a cheesy morning at @mazilique_studio
  • Midnight promises at @mazilique_studio 
#testkitchen #chocolatecake #spreadthelust
  • tata crește roșii ❤️🍅
  • catching up with my breakfast