State of me

06 Nov 2006, Cristina Mazilu

  • Sometimes, secretly, I actually enjoy life
  • I wish I was a neutron bomb – for once I could go off
  • On the very edge
  • Calma aparente
  • Fragile
  • Something happened on the way to heaven
  • Drink sangria in the park
  • There’s got to be more meaning to this, than what meets the eye
  • Heaving a meltdown
  • Easily let’s get caught in the wave, easily we won’t get caught in a cage
  • Close the door, I’m not expecting people anymore
  • I’m on fire, and what a lovely way to burn
  • Rugged individualist
  • Voi trage o dunga peste. Fa la fel
  • Take me home
  • I’ve seen more excitement in the opening of an umbrella
  • Had a friend once in a room, but it ended much too soon
  • Give me endless summer
  • We’re one, but we’re not the same – we hurt each other and we do it again
  • I need to rest in arms
  • I know a place, over the lonely rainbow, where we can make things right
  • Aerata
  • Bors de carmele
  • Can’t take my min off of you… ‘till I find someone new
  • I’m not a mainstreamer
  • Pinches of happiness
  • I am to please the little girl inside of me
  • Wake up birdie
  • Karamelplatzchen und Fassbier
  • Es gibt immer moglichkeiten
  • Lebkuchen und Wiesbier
  • Sore core
Comentarii (2)
  1. Aura says:

    “I’m on fire, and what a lovely way to burn’

    …chestia asta a sunat atat de bine!

  2. Mazilique says:

    Eh, mi-a trecut intre timp

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