The day after

02 Jan 2007, Cristina Mazilu

Chiar daca mergeam spre serviciu, imi suna in minte o piesa care m-ar fi facut sa cant in cazul in care nu eram complet afona :)

Pentru ca dimineata, mai ales la inceput de an, e very good feng shui sa asculti piese easy, a bit silly but also stylish, theatrical, playful, energetic, sexy, self-conscious, exuberant and detached. Like me :)) Only that I’m not easy!

Take an aphrodisiac, don’t do nothing, just relax
If you want to fall in love with somebody
Somebody that you’re not in love with at all
Exciting you, just make you love me tooI’m your aphrodisiac, don’t do nothing, just relax
Gives you a a a heartattack, just take your clothes off, this is overjack
Aphrodisiac, gives you a a a heartattack
Don’t do nothing, just relax, I’ll be your aphrodisiac

Comentarii (5)
  1. Anonymous says:

    You are definitely not easy. Sa stie tot poporul de cand ma chinui sa te scot la un amarat de cocktail. Inca din 2006 :) Si asa zici, ai vazut Marie Antoinette si ti-a placut Bow Wow Wow…

  2. Mazilique says:

    sa stii ca duminica ma deszapezesc special pentru tine :)

  3. monsoux says:

    asa! Sa moara de ciuda internetu’!

  4. Mazilique says:

    si sa crape paharele de martini (nu stiu de ce, but it might be fun ;)

  5. monsoux says:

    mi-am luat de lucru peste weekend, in solidar cu tine. We’ll bloody need all the Martini glasses, I’d say.

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