03 Jul 2007, Cristina Mazilu

With the winner attitude I look at my perfect taned legs, then tuck my feet in my lovely (almost-to-die-for) shoes. I slip into my lucky little black dress, the one with the sexy, but not in an obvious way, “oops, I had no idea that was unbottoned” cleavage. I take advantage of the perfect hair day and I let loose my brown, almost Rapunzel, hair. A bit of mascara, a hint of blush and a dip of lip gloss and I’m on my way.

Arrived a bit early (just in case). I see him and he also spots me in the crowd. I pretend I’m looking for something or someone so he would catch up. We exchange hellos. “Hey, some eight-ball eyes you’ve got. Are you tired?”, he asks me, oh so gently and full of consideration.

Hey, stupid – maybe my eyes were big of excitement!
But yes, I was a bit tired.
Moroun :))

Comentarii (7)
  1. monsoux says:

    Oh, finally, Divine Playwright, they met! You have not failed me, Divine Playwright, with your subtle ironical sense of humour.

  2. Bogdan says:

    Pe la jumatatea post-ului eram sigur ca o limuzina va trece prin singura balta existenta in Bucuresti… si te va face fleasca :D

    Te-ai schimbat, Mazi!
    Nu te mai recunosc :)))

  3. Mazilique says:

    Intreaba-ma de cate ori m-am impedicat thanks to my fabulous heels :))

  4. Raluca says:

    Oh, noes…
    Great buildup :) I’m sorry the climax did not live up to it.

  5. Mazilique says:

    Oh, but I’ll get my climax, don’t you worry ’bout that ;)

  6. andrei says:

    adevarul e ca acei pantofi, m-au bagat pe mine in boala si la naiba sunt baiat… noroc bun

  7. Mazilique says:

    I knew they would be worth the effort :))

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